The project is structured in five workpackages:

WP1. Experimental testing of flexible reactors in the 230 kWth pilot plant.

WP2. Experimental testing of flexibility limits and energy storage dynamics in the 1.7 MWth pilot plant

WP3. Systems design, processes integration and modeling

WP4. Full scale Calcium looping engineering studies for improved flexibility

WP5. Coordination, management and dissemination

WP1 and WP2 are devoted to the experimental campaigns in the large pilot plants. This is the core of the FlexiCaL project. An intense experimental program is proposed to close existing gaps of knowledge in the flexibility of Calcium Looping systems. WP3 is focused on the development of modeling tools to interpret the results obtained in the pilot plants, to calculate the performance of full-scale plants and to analyze alternatives than can increase the flexibility and controllability of the process at part load and under transient conditions. All the knowledge from the other work packages will be used WP4 to carry out engineering studies of an innovative flexible Calcium looping plant for full-scale application.